Beder are a new charity taking a unique approach to raising awareness around mental health and suicide prevention through a variety of exciting partnerships and initiatives that incorporate education, wellness and recreation.

The LALOU sisters have taken on this role to create a brand not only from love but also from the fact that as sisters we suffer from anxiety. We want to be a voice in the Mental Health Community and support those in need. We have decided that partnering with Beder, 10% of sales will go directly to their charity.

Beder is delivering a range of events and initiatives that bring people together who share similar interests. Through these interests, Beder can softly raise awareness around these important issues and hopes to overcome the fear and stigma that surrounds both mental health and suicide.

Beder has also partnered with YoungMinds, as its mental health partner, and Samaritans, as its suicide prevention partner, in order to promote the amazing resources and support that these charities already provide.

You can find out more about Beder through their website ( or follow them on Instagram (@beder_uk). Please donate when you can! 



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