Your Fashion Jewellery Rings Wishlist

Posted on September 14 2020

Your Fashion Jewellery Rings Wishlist

I figured the perfect time to talk about your fashion jewellery Wishlist would be now because LALOU's most popular accessories is at 70% off. 

Yes, you read correctly: Items that were once £100 is now at £30 and lower for some. 

Why is LALOU on sale now?

With everything that everyone has been going through recently, we felt that going on sale before wasn't necessarily the right time. Everyone got affected by this unwelcoming pandemic and the last thing on anyone's minds (including ours) was what items to buy next. 

Personally, my mind was preoccupied with what medical supplies I need to buy to ensure we protect ourselves and others around us. 

So, long story short - now that hype has settled and we somewhat know how to manage and take care of ourselves... it is now the right time to start enjoying life and pampering ourselves again. This is actually the first time LALOU goes on 70% discount. As a start up, offering such a big discount is difficult, however, recognising that a lot of people have gotten impacted financially by the pandemic, we felt it would be the right thing to do - to offer our favourite jewellery pieces on sale. 

Your Fashion Jewellery Wishlist

Baguette Shaped Rings

The Baguette shaped rings are really popular rings for the outgoing, extroverted ladies. This ring is very much 'in your face' and adds so much character to whatever you are wearing. Most of the ladies that purchase this ring usually wear it on a night out - fun dinner with their girlfriends, a romantic date or even to take it up a notch and go to a cool bar, lounge or club. 

LALOU previously had a wide range of colours, however we only have four colours remaining - yellow, orange, lavender purple and pink. Depending on your own character, find the one that suits you most. Each ring is plated in 18K gold with e-coating. Each piece was selling at £100 but they are now being sold at just £30. 

£30 Rings - Below are just two examples of the baguette style rings: 

For the remaining please have a look at Bouton D'or ring, Le Coucher du Soleil ring, Le Lavande Ring, Wild Child ring and Positano ring

The other two types of baguette shaped rings are larger in size but smaller in stones. These are also another popular type of rings. We only sell this style ring in two colours both have limited stock. The green colour ring, Royal Greenhouse Ring, only has one size left (size 8 - large) and the dark blue ring, Verbier ring only has one size left (size 6 - small). Both were selling for £115 and you are now able to get them for £34.50 each.

Similar to the style above, this ring is really popular for a fun night out. 

Oval Shaped Rings

With time, I have noticed that the ladies that buy this ring are more introverted, reserved and also for those who are outgoing, they usually wear this style of ring during the day. It isn't too out there, but definitely noticeable. It is the sort of jewellery piece you would wear to make something elegant more fun and enjoyable. After all, accessories is what makes or breaks the outfit. 

Personally, given the massive discount I would aim to get all colours so you have a variety of choices BUT if you were looking to buy one item, this oval shaped ring does come in a number of exciting colours - light or dark purple, pink, light or dark blue, white or yellow stones. 

These rings were selling at £99 and at 70% off, they are now selling for £29.70. Don't miss your chance, they are running out really quickly so make your way. 

The rings can be found here - Royal Purple Ring, Weekend Vibes ring, L'Hortensia Ring, Le Rose Pastel Ring, Orchidee Blanche Ring, Le Safran Ring and Summer Romance Ring

Below is just an example of an oval shaped ring - one of our favourites for the girly-girls: 

Check out our whole sale selection - I am sure you will find something exciting at 70%! 

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