Why does everyone love beaded necklaces?

Posted on August 28 2020

Why does everyone love beaded necklaces?

Sitting on my terrace today and watching people pass by, I can't help but wonder when life will go back to normal. Is it just me or does 2020 feel like it keeps getting more and more hectic?

All I can do is hope for better days, focus on my self-help, work towards a better future and most importantly, keep it positive. 

As I sit and ponder, my mind goes back to summer days and great vibes. For summer, all my girlfriends and I go crazy about beaded necklaces. Whenever we spend our summers in Bodrum, Cannes or Marbella - the first thing we do is pack our beaded accessories. I just think it gives you energy and that happiness you are always looking for. 

I know that I am not actually enjoying my summer vacation in a beach-like destination, but as I mentioned before, it is all about energy. I am so tired of just sitting around and not dressing up. It brings my mood down significantly and beaded necklaces are the perfect source of happiness. 

Why are beaded necklaces positive energy?

Each piece is unique in its own way - the stones are never the exact same and that gives it an edge. For beaded necklaces as well, using the right colours are very important. This will uplift the spirit of the necklaces. Usually, we try and used bright colours like turquoise, blue, pink and yellow and mix them with their complimentary colours. 

In addition to this, we have added natural baroque pearls or natural evil eye shell bead. This not only gives the beaded necklace its elegance, but works wonders with the chosen colours. 

Examples of LALOU Beaded Necklaces

Sienna Beaded Necklace - £58

 Sienna Beaded Necklace has been our most popular beaded necklace thus far - it is actually sold out right not but if you would like one, please do let us know and we will be happy to make more. This necklace is absolutely eye-opening and elegant. 

Necklace featured:

  • Natural Baroque Pearls
  • Natural Evil Eye Shell Bead
  • Plated in 18K Yellow Gold

Andrea Beaded Necklace - £55

Andrea beaded necklace is another customer's favourite - covered in small blue glass beads, this necklace also has the natural evil eye shell bead. This works wonders with a nice white or flowery dress. We only have 2 pieces left so make sure you grab yours today! 


Nadine Beaded Necklace - £58

Nadine Beaded Necklace takes a very different approach to a beaded necklace. It consists of three different types of beads - mini natural baroque pearls, large natural baroque pears and turquoise beads. 

We recommend wearing this necklace with an elegant pair of jeans and a white shirt. It works miracles and really amplifies your outfit. 


Jenny Beaded Necklace - £45

Consisting of white and pink beads, Jenny Beaded Necklace is considered one of our fun, everyday necklaces. You can match these with just about any jewellery piece and can be worn with just about anything. 

I personally love to wear this necklace with a maxi dress. How would you wear yours? 

We only have 3 pieces of this left - grab yours today! 


So again, why does everyone love beaded necklaces? 

To put it simply, they are super easy to wear. You just throw them on and I can guarantee you that you will be satisfied and feel a whole lot better. They give your outfits character and you most likely will receive a heart-felt warm complement. 

Just remember, these beaded necklaces are meant to be fun and light to wear. Don't overthink it - pick the one that you feel you have the most connection and get comfortable with it. 

All the colours beam positive energy and given the year we all had, I want nothing less than that!

To check out LALOU full beaded collection, please do so here. 

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