Therapeutic: Cooking

Posted on September 30 2020

Therapeutic: Cooking

As I mentioned numerous times, one of the main reasons why we founded LALOU as sisters is our common challenge with anxiety. Creating this business has been a great way to encourage each other to remain motivated, hard working and goal oriented. 

Of course, as good as that is... it is also important to have activities that help you unwind and to do activities that are simply fun. Yassmina, the eldest one of us has always been a massive fan of cooking and baking (she makes wedding cakes too) but both Ghalia and I (Aya) absolutely detested the concept of cooking. 

We previously viewed it as tiring, boring and difficult... to the point that we lived on takeaway food daily. Little did we know that Corona brought out the most fantastic cooks. Not only did we realise that we have a talent in the kitchen, but it is now the place where we find tranquility and calmness.

Totally strange right? 

What is funny is both Ghalia and I have two completely different styles of cooking. We realised that Ghalia is the queen of healthy delicious food and I for whatever reason, am a queen in making curries. I know, I know... how can I be good at something so complicated? Talent I guess. 

Follow us on @the_foody_sisters

Although I keep rambling on, I wanted to invite you all to follow us on @the_foody_sisters where we share our meals and the recipes too. We do create a lot of failed meals, but more often than not, we create mouth-watering meals too. 

What is the beauty of our meals? 

Well, they are quite easy to make and quick to prepare. You will also be so shocked that you managed to cook something so good in the kitchen... you might have a hidden talent too. In our blog you will find meals like Lasagna, beef curry, chicken curry, paneer curry, lentil soup, addas, chicken in the oven and some healthy salads too. 

How did it impact our mental health?

I guess the simplest way to put it is - when you are in the kitchen you are somewhat focused on a task that nothing else matters. Your mind is so busy seeing how various ingredients can create something so fantastic. So you spend less time worrying about the outside world and more time ensuring that you won't lit your pan on fire, drop the chicken on the floor or pour all the spices in the pan. (Okay, you caught me... I did all that), but hey... it's all for fun in the end!

As a person who really hated cooking, it is the part I look most forward to. I end up watching countless of YouTube videos and start picturing how I am going to make my special meal. 

Before you just had one amazing chef Yassmina and now you finally have THREE. Yassmina will bake goods you never imagined possible, Ghalia will make healthy look delicious and well I, I will just keep you loving carbs. After all, a bit of each is good for you!

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