The rise of LALOU Jewelry!

Posted on April 03 2019

The rise of LALOU Jewelry!

Some of you may wonder how we came up with our companies name ‘LALOU’... the truth is, it is sentimental more than anything. LALOU is the nickname of one of the 3 founders, the young one in our household!

The rise of our brand began on a snowy weekend getaway to Fontainebleau, France as 3 sisters sat cozied up by the fireplace wondering why they cannot find the chicest costume jewelry at affordable prices online. As the room filled with silence, the youngest one of us, Ghalia, also known as Lalou, simply suggested we create our own brand.

And we thought to ourselves, why not?

Of course we knew that creating a brand and wanting it to grow is a major challenge, however, we’re determined to make it. Our greatest strength is the friendship bond that we have between us - the continuous praise for a good job work, the positive criticism to grow and the patience to learn from our failures and come up with a group decision.
We believe in LALOU London because we each have our own skills and ideas to bring to the table. Yassmina, the eldest is the creative side of the business. Not only does she have an eye for detail, but she also bakes the most amazing desserts bringing life to all our group meetings. Aya has the marketing experience to help grow a brand and get the message we want out there. Ghalia (LALOU) has always been the risk-taker in the family; since the young years LALOU had a very entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

The truth is, we can achieve whatever we want in life if we have the right attitude, work hard, learn to grow, take accountability for mistakes we will make and most importantly; putting the right effort to prosper. It’s all about the can-do attitude, right?

So, as three sisters our main message would be - we hope you love our brand as much as we do; we want to continue to grow and share our experiences with you and we invite you to join us in our ups and downs journey to reaching our goal.
As the name ‘LALOU’ represents - we aim to always be creative, diligent workers, and determined.

If you want to know why we decided to sell jewelry, read here!

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