Recommended Read: The Discomfort Zone

Posted on August 30 2020

Recommended Read: The Discomfort Zone

You probably gathered this much already, but in case you haven't... I absolutely love reading. Reading allows you to enter your own mind, to interpret what you read in any way you like and honestly, distracts you from all the problems of the outside world. Not only is expanding your knowledge important, but it is another source of positive energy. 

Although fiction is always a good way to unwind, I personally prefer self-help books or historical books. For the past few weeks (yes I am a slow reader), I have been reading 'the discomfort zone' by Farrah Storr. 

The Discomfort Zone

I personally really resonated with this book because it helped me recognise my own faults and what actions I should take for improvement. 

My personal level of discomfort

Before my sisters and I started LALOU, I was always very reluctant because I have always been uncomfortable with getting out of my comfort zone. The main and probably only reason why I have this fear is because I don't do well with failing. 

 Telling you something personal now - when I was younger I had two major issues. First, I had a learning difficulty that did not allow me to excel in school and secondly, I was bullied. Both of these aren't great for a child of under 10. This made me a very shy, reserved, quiet and uncomfortable young girl. 

Their was an incident at school where they advised my parents to send me to community college rather than to my first choice, Royal Holloway University of London. By being so insulted that only few had faith in me I decided to take the chance and go to Royal Holloway. As I arrived to Royal Holloway in 2010, I panicked and didn't attend. I felt as though I might not succeed and everyone would be right. Over the course of a year, I reapplied in 2011 and with the level of insult I felt, I then became one of the top performers in my course. This then enabled me to go to one of the top universities in the UK, Imperial College. A few people doubted my capabilities here too and again, with these insults I got an award for the highest grades at Imperial. 

My 10 year old self would have never dream of those days! Although I am now able to challenge myself, I still only feel comfortable challenging myself in areas I know I will excel in.

In other areas, I still feel like I simply cannot do it. To be honest, if it weren't for my sisters I would never take the plunge to even start a business. As you know, businesses have a high chance of failing and as a person who hates even the thought of it, starting this business was very difficult for me. 

But truth is, we are now producing another collection, expanding to physical stores and improving ways to give you a better user experience. If we were not growing, we would not have this motivation ... so maybe Farrah is right, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

The Discomfort Zone: Farrah Storr

The whole book is simply wow - I can truly say it will change your life. The key features that I really liked in this book are as shown below.

The use of examples

Farrah uses a lot of examples of people that are born in challenging conditions and found their way and succeeded. They all failed, had self doubt and lost hope or motivation. They were also all fighters and recognised that failing is the key recipe towards success. They all did things outside their comfort zone and got familiar with discomfort. 

I know ... I know... I hated accepting that I have to do this too. 

I really like that Farrah uses examples of people born in challenging times because it just shows you how it doesn't matter what your background is: YOU STILL GAVE TI FIND YOUR WAY!

Farrah makes it personal

Even though a lot of the book is about other people's success, she also discusses her own discomforts in detail and how she overcame this. She would first start off in a very small office with close to no growth. She even moved to a different country without speaking the language and fighting her way upwards. 

With LALOU, just like any business we have our good days and our bad days. Our bad days feel longer than ever and honestly, it puts you down and makes you think what you are doing wrong. But Farrah suggests that actually, we might just be so comfortable and doing the same exact things so change is slow. 

At LALOU we are still at the start of the journey and this book is helping me get comfortable with the hards days we face. I stop taking it personally. 

Every chapter is important

Sometimes I skim through books (I guess we all do), but honestly I can say that every single chapter in this book is important. She first describes what discomfort is and the illusion of discomfort. What I really loved was, we may think the whole world is judging us but honestly, the people don't even care to judge us. One of my main issues is being judged for not knowing something or being judged for failing, so when you put it like that... and no one cares, then why should I care so much? 

In life, you gotta do what makes you happy! 

In conclusion... 

By the end of this book, you will as Farrah says, employ your muscle hustle. You will feel empowered and even if you don't become 100% comfortable with failure, it will definitely open your eyes to why we fear failure or discomfort so much. Then recommend ways to just get over it. 

I mean, we basically just have to get over it! 

No one cares and nor should we. If anything, we should be so proud of failing because it because we actually did something we aren't comfortable with.

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did xxx


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