Phone Strap your Neck

Posted on July 20 2019

Phone Strap your Neck

Some really exciting updates and experiments

I have been wearing one of LALOU London phone straps for a couple of months now, testing how efficient it is and whether I believe it is a necessity or not. This is a project the LALOU London team have been working on since May 2019, studying what kind of colours work together, which colours bring positive energy and how to make the straps suit various occasions – day time, night time, concerts, dates, positive energy, beach vibes and more. Now we are proud to bring you LALOU London phone straps…

During our experiment phase, I realised that the phone strap is something that may feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first, but shortly after, you won’t be able to go anywhere without it.

Apart from the phone strap being cool, fun, pretty and child-like, I can guarantee you that it becomes as valuable as your mobile itself. We came up with 2 main findings as to why this product is a must have and not a ‘should have’.


LALOU London Findings

Without it, not everything will fit in your bag!

For some apparent reason, phone companies continue to compete on size more than resolution and applications. Instead we are holding phones that are similar to a 5.58-inch iPhone X or a 5.81-inch Samsung S9. Maybe one day, we’ll be carrying our tablets… who knows!

What happens if we’re big fans of small bags?

Small bags don’t seem very convenient after all. When packing my bag, I begin to question which make-up is most important and what will I leave behind. I usually have to end up leaving my lipstick and that is really upsetting because I adore lipsticks! 

So, at LALOU London we decided to create phone straps to ensure that I can fit everything I need in my bag, and you know what? I FINALLY FIT MY LIPSTICK AND ALSO A SMALL HAND-CREAM TOO! Talk about convenience…

You will no longer have to ask a friend or sibling to carry anything for you want nor will you ever have to sacrifice an item you would of liked to take with you. The phone strap will ultimately save you around 5.5 – 5.9 inches of space.

I care for my safety and you should too!

The second point I want to touch upon is safety. LALOU London is known to produce cost efficient yet elegant jewelry pieces. Our phone straps are no different. We aim to put our customers safety and ease of mind first. What do I mean by this?
Did you ever go to a club or a restaurant and leave your bag on the side of the table, worried it would get stolen? More often than not, our mind continues to feel unsettled knowing that a really expensive device is out of sight. Most people will either check that their phone is in their bag every couple of minutes and the remaining would hold their phone constantly.

What would happen if you neither had to check your bag nor had to use your hand as a constant phone security?
Let’s be real, mobile phones are the most common objects stolen and having a strap around our neck is a life saviour. You will be able to constant reply to important messages coming through, it allows you to book your taxi home safely, and it makes sure that your phone will not be stolen. You are in far safer hands than leaving it out or sight or holding it in your hands for someone to snatch.
I always thought about this item being beneficial, but I never appreciated to what extent it would help me. It really hit me when I went to a concert the other day with thousands of other people. I always knew that my phone wasn’t in my pocket or bag and that it is securely with me. It allowed me to enjoy my night, to not panic and you know what? I even got to take the best photos easily.

Last but not least... 

I am very aware that a phone strap will take a while to get used to, but I can assure you that once you become accustomed to it, you will feel extremely strange going anywhere without it.

We’ve sold out on most of our pieces now…
Another factor to consider when purchasing, is as usual, be the powerful lady that you are. If you notice, none of our pieces have any dark colours because we want to make sure that our LALOU family are filled with happiness, laughter, determination, strength and the willingness to try to better ourselves. We have phone straps in transparent colours, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple and more.
If you would like one to be personalised, just send us an email and we will be more than happy to create one for you. There will be an extra £5 charge however you will be able to write names, initials, horoscopes, positive terms or anything that comes to mind.
Remember – stay bold and always try!
Lots of love,
The LALOU sisters

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