Looking for your perfect everyday hoops?

Posted on July 23 2020

Looking for your perfect everyday hoops?

Hoop earrings are definitely in and they have been for absolutely ever. When a girl is getting ready to go out they do three things: 


  1. Put on your make up
  2. Choose your outfit
  3. Choose your accessories, mostly your jewellery

When women get to the third part of dressing up, they almost always go for hoop earrings or they contemplate whether they should go for hoop earrings or another. Point is, it is always an option and one that they try on. It is a staple piece for women fashion jewellery. 

Why do I love hoop earrings? 

Saying I love hoop earrings is quite a broad statement because in fact, there are many different sizes and shapes of hoop earrings that suit all sorts of characters. Personally, I like small hoop earrings whereas other people I know enjoy wearing the bold statement earrings. 

When I put them on, I feel like they make me look so much better - prettier, fresher, elegant and gives me a glow. I feel as though my face is shining and is better structured (I do not know why) but to put it simply, it uplifted my spirits. 

Having asked around, this is why people love hoop earrings

Before creating our latest 'Medici Collection', we asked around to better understand what our LALOU friends want and a lot of them wanted hoop earrings. Not a specific type, but a wide range to choose from. 

In our second collection, we did create two types of hoop earrings with various colours. The first type had inside-out stones, such as the bubbly earrings. We also created open-hooped earrings such as LALOU Wanderlust earrings. Apart from one earrings being closed and the other open, the only difference between them is the bubbly earrings have regular stones whereas the wanderlust earrings are irregular. 

Bubbly Earrings Wanderlust earrings


Those who have bought these earrings or one like them in different colours have provided us with feedback that they wear these during the evening, hair clipped back and light make-up. One person said that she feels the earrings really amplify her outfit whereas the other person said she just felt like it worked and it became her go to for most evening wears. Someone else told us that they complement their cheekbones... we didn't understand it at the time, but when we wore then again, yes it really did! 

Amongst bloggers, the hoop earrings that are most requested are these small hoop earrings with studs all around - St. Mortiz and Aspen Earrings. When bloggers reach out, the most common reason why they asked for this type is ... WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS - I CAN REALLY MAKE ANY OUTFIT WORK. So that tells us that the simplicity of these earrings and the fact that they are hoops, makes any outfit you want to wear an easy one. 

St Moritz Earrings Aspen Earrings


So again, the common reasons for all the above is:

  1. I can make any outfit look good
  2. Gives me the positive energy
  3. It is the elegant way to go
  4. They make you cheerful 
  5. Complement your cheekbone

 What was LALOU missing? 

When we began watching the Medici series, we fell in love with how Florence was built, the love for art, family, nature, jewellery and representation of a person. We feel that the Medici period symbolises strength, power and doers. When creating the Medici collection, we had in mind that we want all our products to allow women to feel powerful, strong and independent. We feel this is really important. 

When you watch the Medici, you realise that the females are very strong characters and they drive what happens in societies. That has been somewhat lost over the years and we are again gaining this back. We believe that females need to feel more confident in who they are and what they want to accomplish. It is our time to make an impact and on a jewellery level, we are strong believers that the way you dress up gives you that extra boost you need. 

So we decided to create a range of gold plated hoop earrings. We didn't want to create earrings that were very bold, but for this collection, we wanted to give females the subtle power that they should be. We didn't want the earrings to be an overstatement piece, but a piece that will give you that extra nudge. 

So for this collection, we created: 

Each earrings was named after various characters in Medici, because we believe the earrings represent their characters. To go over each one:

Bianca Earrings (£89)

Bianca De'Medici was the daughter of Piero Cosimo Medici and she fell in love with a member from the Pazzi family, one of which did not get alone with the Medici family. The reason why we named these earrings after her is because she is such a strong lady who followed her heart and stood by her words. 

She believed a lot in simplicity and these earrings are just that. They take a statement without being too statement like. She did not ravel in family affairs and was one to just simply follow her heart but have strong respect for her family and her husband too. 

Bianca Earrings

Botticelli Earrings (£91)

Botticelli is one of the most renowned artists in Florence, and I would argue... one of the most respected artists globally. What we love about him is how self made he is - he believed in his art and continued to work till he made Florence the centre of beauty. We named these earrings after this magnificent Italian painter because of its baguette shape. 

Botticelli did not have a linear or straight life, it was filled with challenges and hurdles but at each time he overcame them... through every twist and turn. This is what these earrings represent - life is not always linear. We will always be faced with challenges, and like Botticelli, we can either shy away or go round and round till we overcome them - and only then, our art will also be appreciated for generations to come. 

Botticelli Earrings

Violante Earrings (£87)

Violante was expressed as a woman who lacked beauty and was judged for that. She was a lady that married into the Medici family and although she did love her husband, he did not as she was not 'beautiful'. In today's day and age, we feel that is very wrong, low and harsh. 

Although every person is beautiful, it is far more than what is on the outside, but what is on the inside. We felt for this girl because no one deserves to be identified as such, and so these earrings consists of white stones. 

This symbolises that it is not what other people say about you, it is what you think of yourself. It is about building that confidence and to recognise that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Every woman, girl or person holds beauty and these earrings, the most special ones is to tell Violante, that she has lots of beauty, elegance and a strong personality. 

Point is, don't let people destroy your confidence. Shine the way you do, and let these earrings make you the cheerful woman you should be. 

Violanta Earrings

In conclusion... 

Hoop earrings have always been a go to and will always be a go too. It will lift up your character and give you the confidence you need. Not only are they one of our favourites, they are also bloggers favourites and and will remain a piece that never goes out of style. Whatever shape, size or form you get them in, I can guarantee that you will feel like your outfit is complete. 

Hoop earrings will live on forever!


The LALOU sisters xxx

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