Posted on July 04 2020


LALOU has an exciting announcement to make - we have recently partnered with a new charity 'BEDER'. This charity takes a unique approach to raising awareness around mental health and suicide prevention'. LALOU will be donating 10% of all profits to Beder. 

Why did LALOU choose Beder?

We have been very transparent with our anxiety problems - each one of us sisters suffer from anxiety and we understand the weight one carries when everything feels like it is falling apart. The worst part is feeling like everything is going wrong or having the fear that things will go wrong without any proof that it will. For us, anxiety comes from the fear of unknown and if you are not comfortable with life being 100% factual, you may face the issues we do too. 

Coming from a society where anxiety and mental health is a topic that is not to be discussed, we understand the weight of carrying it around and fighting it internally. At a point in your life, this weight does take a toll on you and unless addressed it most likely, won't go away. 

We love Beder because they encourage you to talk, they offer resources for those that are not yet ready to talk, they provide various tips for better moments and they care about making a difference. 

Who is Beder?

A while ago, we were just browsing on Instagram and came across a post about Beder. It captured our attention, we visited the page and instantly connected with what they believe in and their unique approach to tackling the challenges of mental health and suicide prevention. 

Although donations play a major role in Beder's ability to grow and spread awareness, their main focus is to increase understanding and reduce fear around the topics of mental health and suicide in order to conquer the stigmas surrounding these incredibly important, yet underestimated issues. 

Below is Beder's logo (link to site) - we personally love this Logo and its colouring. We asked the founder what the turquoise colour represents and he mentioned the blue symbolises mental health and green symbolises suicide prevention. I thought we should share that with you, and now each time we wear or create a turquoise piece ... we now know there is strong meaning behind it :)! 

Beder's Aim and Approach

One of the main reasons why we chose Beder as our main charity to support, raise awareness about and donate 10% of all profits is because of their unique approach to raising awareness. Beder aims to reach young, diverse and engaged audiences through a range of exciting partnerships and initiatives that incorporate education, wellness and recreation. 

Beder has partnered with YoungMinds, a leading mental health charity, and Samaritans, an established and highly respected suicide prevention charity. 

The aims of these partnerships are to harness the specialist knowledge of YoungMinds and Samaritans, as well as promote and further both charities incredible work in order to conquer the stigma and underestimation of these incredibly important issues.


What do Beder do differently? 

Beder offers a wide range of exciting activities - which means that there is something for everyone! (Also, if anyone has an activity or idea in mind that can bring people together and help raise awareness around these issues then Beder is also more than happy to explore that. Some of the activities they have organised have included: 


  • Partnerships with exciting businesses and organisations
  • Creative classes and workshops
  • Intimate talks with inspiring individuals 
  • Meditation, yoga and fitness classes
  • Concerts, cultural events, etc 
  • Sport events and initiatives 

The reason why they have so many different activities is because people have different passions and drives. Beder wants to give people the opportunity to be part of communities with like-minded people and most importantly, they want to normalise the conversation around mental health and suicide. 


We do believe that mental health and suicide is overlooked and one that we hope people will take more seriously. We also hope for those that are suffering (especially in silence), to find comfort in talking to someone and finding the right resources to improve your lifestyles. 

As mentioned above, LALOU will continue spreading awareness for Beder; we will continue writing about our own experiences; our learnings from Beder resources; and working with them to create various events and ways to ensure people have a place to go to when in need. LALOU will also be donating 10% of all profits to Beder

Follow Beder: 

To learn more about Beder, please check out their page and Instagram Page. Feel free to donate & make a difference today!


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