Keep Your Jewelry Safe!

Posted on May 30 2019

Keep Your Jewelry Safe!

My sister and I just got back from Marbella and just like any girl, we wanted to look our best on holidays. However, again, just like any girl we too are terrified to travel with fancy accessories…did you ever experience that?

That is where we can cater to your needs…

Our rings have the right amount of bling bling that you would want and most importantly, the comfort in knowing that if you lose it … the rings we sell are affordable. So in my eyes, lose it or not - you’re still going to sleep soundly at night!

For instance have a look at our Orchidée Blanche Ring


As you most likely noticed, the Orchidée Blanche ring looks like it has a whole lot of elegance and a discreet touch of sexiness. At that moment, I was enjoying my time in the sun, having a warm croissant and feeling a whole lot fresher in my attire.

But most importantly, I was feeling at ease knowing that I looked great but also that if my ring where to get lost at sea or even stolen, I may feel upset at first but it’s fine!

On to the next …

Just for some extra fun - boomerang vibes: 

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