Dealing with the current pandemic?

Posted on May 26 2020

Dealing with the current pandemic?

When we first heard about the Covid-19 virus, my sisters and I felt somewhat alarmed. If you take a step back and look at human behaviour, we are very globalised beings and it becomes impossible to see how any one country can stop people moving around, travelling or even being in contact with one another. One could only feel like, in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, you will need to take the decision to self-isolate yourselves. 

At first, out of fear, we were in complete lockdown. We didn't actually go outside at all. Just like many others, in order to avoid any form of unnecessary contact we ordered months of food supplies and trained our pet to go out in the terrace. 

However, we realised that this is not realistic. Our flat currently has scaffolding surrounding the building - limiting any form of sunlight and actually it is very similar to just living in box for now. So that definitely gets to you more but it was our time to reflect... so reflect is what we did! 

Looking back: 

Looking back in time, we realised that we took advantage of the most important things in life - family, friends, nature, self-care and time. 


We love our parents unconditionally and we are a very close knit family. However, living abroad we did set up our own lives. Live where we would focus on our own day-to-day activities and at times we would only check in once a day for a couple of minutes. Although never intentional, families deserve more than that. You begin to realise that they brought you into this world, cared and protected you and we shouldn't forget that along the way. 


A lot of the times when out of friends, we tend to use our phones a lot. It is as if we are socialising with them, but they come second to our phone. Sometimes we are on the phone to chat with other people, or we have become so addicted to certain games that we need to play at the same time. We look back and can you honestly say, when out, you or your friends have given each other their undivided attention? 


This is another phone problem and the fact that we would go out everyday. When going out, how much time do you focus on the beauty surrounding you or are you busy texting? I would most likely be texting. The reason why is because I have walked these roads a million times, that I know I won't be seeing anything new. I want my source of entertainment till I reach where I am heading. I recognise the flowers blossoming but I never stop to think - wow, look how stunning that is! 


A lot of the time (if not most) we put ourselves last. We focus so much on others or our work or obsess on what is going wrong with ourselves - that we never stop to think, how can we make ourselves better and maybe we feel this way because we don't take the time to unwind. We forget to eat the right food, to have the right supplements, to work out, to focus on our skin-care and to feel good about ourselves. We forget that the most important people in the world is actually ourselves. 


Last but not least, time. When I look back in time, I realised I wasted it so much. Nothing passes faster than time and the one thing we cannot stop, ever - is time moving forward. This is not to say that you need to accomplish and be the next Bill Gates, but it is to say that we need to do the things that we want to do today, instead of waiting for the next time. What is on your bucket list that you have actually done? 

During Lockdown

The first few weeks of the lockdown were the most difficult. We didn't actually know how to organise ourselves, so we slept more, watched TV more and ate nothing more than pasta. You see, before lockdown - we never realised this, but we ordered lunch and dinner every night - so in fact we had no idea how to cook. 

We slowly started to pick ourselves up and began focusing on improving our small business, LALOU. We recognised that just like us, many other people have found this time challenging and that people are losing self confidence. Rather than taking care of ourselves, we didn't receive the natural sunlight we need and we sat around in our tracksuits all day. That was really bad. So our first steps to change were

  • Invest in skin-cream: We ended up buying the right supplements for our skin and we began doing a nourishing routine nightly. This was a massive step forward as even before this pandemic, we never made this a top priority. 
  • Recognised the important of caring for others: the ways in which we have helped is two-fold. First, we recognised that we want to look pretty for ourselves. So we began dressing up properly, fixing ourselves and yes, even wearing our jewellery. It is about looking good for ourselves. So we told ourselves, we are sure other females are feeling the same way, so let us put LALOU at 50% for now. And we are glad we did - we sold a number of items, including but not limited to, our famous Ring (£57.50) or our most popular piece, the Riviera Chocker (£96.50). All of these have been received by our clients! In addition, our mum and her friend started a charity in Lebanon that we are helping build. When that is done, proceeds from LALOU will also be given there. This money is to help feed the poor in Lebanon. You should also invest time to help others any way you can. 
  • Family and friends: I think now more than ever, we speak to our parents non-stop and in fact, when they don't talk to us for a few hours - we feel something is wrong. Weird right? This pandemic made us realise how much fun it is to talk to our family and to share memories with them. Same goes for friends. Don't you miss just seeing them rather than having to text or call them? We do! I feel like I have grown to dislike my phone. Before the pandemic I would have around 2 conversations unread, but now I have around 40 (not because I am popular, but because I can't be bothered to use a device anymore). 
  • Nature: After begin stuck at home, we took the step to then walk around the block and now a bit further. We recognise the sound of the birds singing in the morning, the children playing in the gardens, and the flowers blossoming all around us. We took so many 'nature pictures' in such a short period of time. Let us not forget the smell... don't you smell everything now? Now we recognise the smell, the sounds, the colours, the growth and more. It is weird to think that although these things are our 'everyday' encounters - we never take a minute to observe what is around us. 
  • Time: After recognising that I have wasted so much time doing nothing - we are so much more proactive. we walk for around 2 hours a day (thinking to myself), we now cook (in fact we started our own food instagram account - @the_foody_sisters), we are expanding LALOU (and just designed our new collection), and we are looking forward to the things that we want to do and working out how to do them. Time is key. 

So, after writing such a long blog, the point is - as easy as it is to let ourselves feel comfortable and super relaxed... it doesn't actually make us feel good. Get up early in the morning, plan your day accordingly, dress up, take care of your skin, put on your everyday jewellery, take some time for yourself, families, friends, pick up a new hobby (we became chefs) and even though we were scared before, find the courage to walk around your block in a safe manner and get the freshness that you need. 

The most important person is you - so the point? take care of you. 


The LALOU Sisters

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