Holiday Special: Which jewellery pieces to take to the beach

Posted on July 13 2020

Holiday Special: Which jewellery pieces to take to the beach

I hope you are similar to me (if not, then this is embarrassing)... during the pandemic I would consider myself very messy looking. I would always have the 'I just go out of bed look' and either stay in my pyjamas or wear a tracksuit outfit that does not match at all. When I say at all, I mean AT ALL. 

I told myself that this is just the Corona effect and I will snap out of it but now that everything is opening up, I feel like one of those memes where the girl is rushing to get her life in order.  I guess I thought that these restrictions would stay for at least a year, but boy was I wrong. 

How did you feel about countries re-opening?

Between my sisters and I, we first felt very uneasy and even more nervous. We didn't understand how countries can open up when there is no vaccine for such a deadly virus. However, with time, you begin to realise that life is about taking risks. 

This is not to say that we have yet gone to shops or restaurants, but it means that we are more open to having picnics in the park and feeling like our next step might be to shop around. One of the main things we tell ourselves is, you just have to remain cautious. Obviously we are unable to see the virus but we can take the necessary precautions to wash our hands, wear masks and gloves when needed and as they always repeat... avoid touching your face (I never realised how much I touch my face till I was told not to anymore)! 

The point is, although we aren't 100% comfortable with spreading our wings again, we are ready to enjoy S.U.M.M.E.R. I mean hey, you might be the complete opposite of us and you might already be booking your trips or on a plane to your summer destination. Wherever you are, it is time for us to embrace new beginnings and make the most of them... and what better way to do that than fashion jewellery accessories?

Items to take with you on your little getaway!

I know that depending on where you go, some items might be more appropriate, however, a beach is ultimately a beach and you cannot go wrong.

Beach (tanning, chilling or attending a party)

If you are going to the beach to hang out and chill with some friends then we recommend you wear items with bright colours so it reflect beautifully with your surrounding colours. For rings, our three favourite are Mer Bleue Ring, Le Coucher du Soleil Ring and Bouton D'or Ring

Each of these items are bright in colour and as they are not too bold in design, they complement different colourings and shapes of swim wear, beach dresses or even stunning kaftans. 

Also showing the two other LALOU beach rings by the water. They tend to just sparkle and look wow!

Bouton D'or Ring and Le Coucher du Soleil Ring


For all the ring gals, check out our full ring collection here and there are tons of exciting colours to choose from. For those girls that like to wear earrings to the beach (or at sea), then we have a variety of suggestions. See it really depends on your character. For those girls that are more reserved and would like to just have something on, then I would recommend small earrings like St. Mortiz Earrings or Aspen Earrings. The difference between the two is the colour. St. Mortiz has yellow gemstones whereas Aspen Earrings have white. Also, for earrings I would still wear to the beach are our Bubbly Earrings. The name says it all, they are bubbly, fun, cute and works well with all the rings listed above too.  

As for my sister, who has more of a bold character - she like earrings that people will notice. If you are like her, then these are the most popular at the beach: Turkish Delight Earrings, Starburst Earrings, Gstaad Earrings and Pale Petals Earrings. Below my sister is wearing the Pale Petal Earrings and she just looked so fabulous with LALOU phone straps (out of stock). She was LIVING HER BEST LIFE and everyone complemented her. 

Pale Petals

The photo doesn't really show her earrings, so I put an image below for more details... 

Pale Petal Earrings


But then again, it really depends on your character and what you feel comfortable in. If you would like to check out our whole earring collection, please do so here. 

Last but not least, LALOU necklaces! I feel necklaces are always easy to wear and something that you can just stack on top of each other and you don't need to think much of it. Necklaces have been one of our best sellers and we only have four items remaining (new collection dropping soon, YAY). 

The necklace / choker that is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE is the Riviera Choker. I feel like it is such a statement piece and the turquoise in it has a warm, attractive feel to it.  Actually, this piece has been out of stock a number of times and as it is highly demanded, we wanted to produce more. To keep it limited however, we have stopped producing more and we have 6 remaining! 

On the day we went tanning, my sister and I dressed up in our jewellery (of course) and my sister decided to wear the chocker. I wanted to, but since my swimming suit was light blue I didn't want to wear a turquoise necklace too. She wore it with a pink swimming suit, and I think it really brought out the colours. 

Riviera Choker


As I mentioned, wearing necklaces are nice to stack up... it just depends how much you like to stack up. My sister believes that the chocker and the Sangria necklace work well together. Previously, we had a much longer version but with current trends, we are starting to notice that people like to wear a lot of short stacked necklaces. If you are the same, this may be your go to. 

I on the other hand wanted to wear a necklace that complements my swimming suit. As I mentioned, I wore a blue swimming suit and felt the emerald green, 'Raindrop necklace' is highly appropriate. What I also love about this necklace is that as the name suggests, it has 5 green raindrops. I just love that! Paired with this, I wore my Nazar Necklace. As an Arab, we believe a lot in the evil eye and wearing such items act as a protection. Not only is it small, simple and elegant, I feel more comfortable knowing I am protected (at least I believe so)! 

Nazar and Raindrop necklace


 Then of course you have those that can really pull it off (like my mum) and stack everything together. Some items have been sold out, but I think she really knows how to wear it. As you can see, she is wearing a white Kaftan, and this way each necklace colour fits perfectly and nothing clashes. 

LALOU Necklaces


Let the party begin!

So, now that we have provided you with a wide range of examples - the point is that you can in fact wear any type of accessory to the beach. I would not recommend that you wear a ring, earring or necklace as it may be a bit too much... but I would take these items with you on holiday, and when you are at the beach, why not play around with the items and see what suits best? 

We just recommend to take lively, vibrant and sunny looking pieces. It is now about positive energy so do not shy away. If I am being the gal that I am, then hope you are too. 

P.S - for the items I did show you, we have them in various colours... pink, yellow, blue, purple, green and more. OH... and before I forget again, did I mention our new collection is just around the corner?!  

It is wow, wow and ... wow.



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