Check Mate

Posted on May 08 2019

Check Mate


You may or may not have come across this saying by Edith Head:

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”


The statement above is absolutely right. There are so many times I sit and wonder about where my life is heading or who I want to become and one thing that always makes me feel better and somewhat empowered… it is the way I dress.

Dressing up is not always about the clothes you wear or the makeup you put on; sometimes it is as simple as what jewelery you wear. One may not recognise the impact of what a ring can do to your mood, but think of it like this .. your hand is one of the main points of interactions - you use it when writing, typing, on your phone, to eat, drink and also a feature other people pay attention to. 

So the point is - isn’t it important to treat your hands? I think so. 

There is a specific ring I would like to draw your attention to - ‘Le Paradis Ring’. This ring happens to be our bestseller and our clients have provided us with such wonderful positive feedback, including but not limited to:

‘I absolutely adore this ring’ 

‘So many people have complemented my ring’ 

‘My hand feels pretty when I wear it’ 

‘For some strange reason, I feel confident knowing my hand looks hot’

     Le Paradis Ring                Le Paradis Ring

Should we say check mate?

After such positive feedback, we cannot wait for the launch of our new collection, which includes a similar cut except this time it will be emerald green and white. Summer vibes of course! 

For more product photos see below. Please note that we would recommend to wear this ring as a stand alone piece with simple clothes. 

    Le Paradis Ring       Le Paradis Ring        Le Paradis Ring Spring 

We hope you love this as much as we do and of course let us know your thoughts below.


The LALOU team xxx    

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