Aya's Favourite Evening Jewellery Piece: Auriela Earrings

Posted on July 22 2020

Aya's Favourite Evening Jewellery Piece: Auriela Earrings

We believe that each jewellery piece that LALOU creates is a statement piece; that is precisely why we create them in the first place. 

If you previously browsed through our product offerings (if not, please do so here), you will notice that we are major fans of colours. We believe that accessories are  there to be noticed, they are there to break outfits and they are there to be seen. Accessories can be worn for different occasions - to suit new trends, to wear on a date, to go on a weekend getaway or to simply feel good about yourselves - anytime, anywhere, any-day.

Why does LALOU have a variety of styles?

If you meet each one of us (Yassmina, Aya & Ghalia), you will notice that we each have our own characters and actually what you wear says a lot about who you are. So the reason why we have a wide variety of products is because if we are sisters and each have very different characters, I am sure you do too. So we wanted to create pieces that suit the trendy look, contemporary look, outgoing look, reserved, introverted look and more!

A bit about myself - Aya

The point is to write about why my favourite jewellery piece is the Auriela Earrings - but first it would be good to know a bit about my character and then it will all make sense. 

My name is Aya and I am the middle child. I have always been quite shy, quiet and reserved. I am also very simple, natural and like solid colours. When I look at other females (such as my sisters), I feel like the trendy jewelry or 'out there' jewellery' is more for them. I love it but I personally can't pull it off the same way. This doesn't mean that I don't wear them, it just means that I feel more myself, when I know that I am wearing a fashion jewelry that is more subtle, delicate, discreet and elegant. 

For fashion inspirations, I look to people like Kate Middleton or Amal Clooney. I personally believe they are very well dressed and inspirational in their own way. They don't wear clothes that are very noticeable and their make-up and hairstyle always looks simple and natural. What I love most is the jewelry they wear. Both wear very simple, light colours and barely noticeable that you are staring at her pieces, but noticeable enough that you know it uplifted the whole outfit. Not all their jewelry is designer jewelry, they also do wear a lot of fashionable, affordable jewelry.

What is Auriela Earrings? 

Auriela earrings are simply beautiful. They posses distinct characteristics - nine rhombus shapes are attached together with stunning pink stones. Measuring approximately 2.6” / 6 cm H, these earrings are feminine, fun and elegant. 

  • Large shaped earrings 
  • AAA Zircon white and pink stones 
  • Plated in 18K Yellow Gold with E-Coating 
  • Measures approximately 2.6" / 6 cm H 
  • Material is made from Brass
Auriela Earrings
Now that you have had a good look at these earrings, I am sure you can see how delicate they are. Isn't it great that you can look like a million dollars without doing much? 
Check out the product details here

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