As Deep As The Blue Sea

Posted on May 27 2019

As Deep As The Blue Sea

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

On behalf of a lovely customer, I wanted to write about the L’Hortensia Ring for various outfit inspirations. As we are heading into the summer season, it is time to dig out your coolest, knockout outfits and pull off some LALOU Sass!

Today, I am here to provide you with a couple of tips!

Why the deep blue ring - L’Hortensia?

People purchase rings for various reasons - sometimes it is a symbol of positivity, peace, a memory or it is to look pretty and find something to ‘umph’ your outfit or even it might just be the jewellery design. Having said this, as the founders of LALOU London, all our rings are created based on how we feel. For instance, L’Hortensia Ring was created because of its symbolic deep blue colour, a colour that resonates with the sea and the ways in which the waves would always crash onto the shore back home in Lebanon. Living away from home, we wanted to bring a taste of home to our pieces.

Dressing up such a bold and defined colour

The first and foremost rule is to only wear this ring with very light nail polish, nude or exciting shades of pink. We don’t want the colours to clash!

Outfit 1: Keep it simple

This advice is for the casual girl look. Even though this is the simplest way to dress up, we do believe it is sexy! Keep your make-up simple, let your hair loose and throw in a classic pair of jeans or shorts with a white t-shirt / shirt to throw on. Of course, depending on where you are, you may need to throw on a light blazer, leather jacket or a shawl.

Let’s be real with each other - dressing up on a daily occasion can be tiresome. Sometimes you just want to lay back, look cool and feel relaxed. So put on your ring, grab your bag and get ready to own the streets.

L'Hortensia Ring - Simple Look


Outfit 2: Floral Dress

From casual look to weekend vibes, your whole attitude has to change!

I’m quite fortunate to be able to wear casual clothes to work, however, not many have that opportunity. Having said this, summer is just around the corner and if you do not own a floral dress, it is definitely something to add to your shopping cart and show off your various outfits on weekends.

If you are from London, you would have noticed the flower decors. With all that positive energy, it is a great trend to be part of and really focus on how you can absorb this energy into your own lives. On a personal level, when I wear a flowy, flowery dress with the right accessories, I simply feel like the bomb dot come. And nothing works better than blue with various flashy, summer colours. Whose with me?


L'Hortensia Ring Flower Dress

Outfit 3: The beach

With summer approaching - we believe that accessories will make or break your whole attire. If you are anything like me, you may feel a sense of frustration when packing your swimwear… what in the world am I going to wear this piece with?

I mean, no one wants to look too basic at the beach, you want to look chic with a few casual elements. I hear you! But luckily, I am here to tell you, that extra push you are looking for comes down to what you wear on your hand… rings.

Think about it - when you are drinking your cold water or strawberry daiquiri, it is your hands that you use most. It is there when you’re drinking, socialising and taking your Instagram photos. So dress it up with a colour that is going to stand out. If you are wearing a bright swimming suit, wear this deep blue ring. I can assure you, you will see the difference!

The colour of the ring will reflect on the water and give it the shine it deserves!

L'Hortensia Ring - Beach


We’re not saying that these are the only options but just a few. It is all about making a bold ring statement; one that is not so ‘out there’ but definitely elevates your day.

If you have your own suggestions, please do let us know and we can try ourselves. 

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