A Big Congratulations to Beder!

Posted on February 09 2021

A Big Congratulations to Beder!

In 2020, we were extremely proud and excited to announce LALOU's partnership with the charity Beder.

In case you are not yet familiar with who 'Beder' is, please have read on what their purpose statement is:

Beder is a new charity raising awareness around mental health and suicide prevention through exciting, unique and inspiring initiatives.

Beder intends to increase understanding and reduce fear around the topics of mental health and suicide in order to conquer the stigma surrounding these incredibly important, yet underestimated, issues.

 Why did LALOU choose Beder?

After a lot of research, we came across Beder on instagram and read why this charity was founded. Through a very touching story, we recognised a lot of what Beder fights for, are issues that my siblings and I face. We each have high levels of anxiety, fears of the unknown and find it very challenging to understand why we go through this, how to get rid of it and who can we talk to. 

Beder normalises the conversation about issues that are still 'taboo' in parts of the world. They also show you that there is a way out and more so, that there is a massive community of like-minded people. That for me is really important - no one is alone. 

We know the drive that this charity has and their goals and potential. We really believe in this charity and for this reason, 10% of all our sales goes to Beder. 

We offer our congratulations!

We offer our congratulations to Beder and in specific, Razzak. Razzak was awarded a Point of Light aware from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's office for his efforts in normalising the conversation around mental health and suicide prevention. 

This is really important, especially in times of covid where the majority of people's mental health has gotten jeopardised (ours included). If you do face any issues (big or small), please do check out their page - they are extremely active with activities and great fun to join. 

Once again, well done team Beder - we're very proud! 


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